in your lesson


Plan to arrive 5 minutes before your lesson.
Allow enough time before your lesson to unpack your violin and rosin your bow
in the waiting room.
Students who are late cannot be guaranteed a full lesson.

• If you have been chewing gum, please dispose of it before your lesson.
• Upon your arrival,  wash your hands!


video in the lesson:

Some of the “breakthrough” moments are in the lesson with your teacher.
Often, when a student returns home, many of the details (especially in regard to form)
are vague and hard to recall.
I have found that having a form of video capability,
(iPhone, iPad, camera, video recorder, etc.) in the lesson
is super helpful in remembering vital information during the week!
You don’t have to video the whole lesson, just have your device ready for when I have
a specific concept to solidify.

My studio is not ideal for accommodating siblings,
but I am fine if you need to bring them.
Please provide something quiet for them to do during the lesson.
Please do not leave children unattended in studio or on the premises.