Practice Time: 

Please understand that if you are interested in your child taking lessons,
you will need to make a commitment to daily practice.
Without faithfulness in this area, lessons are really a waste of time and money,
and will only cause your child to be frustrated.
Each week l will give you a practice schedule. (attached below)
If ever you do not understand how
to practice what I have assigned, please call or text.

Beginners should practice at least 30 minutes a day.Book I and II students should practice at least 30 minutes a day.Book III students should practice at least 45 minutes a day.Book IV students should practice at least 60 minutes a day.

I expect these practice times 5 days a week.

Each student is expected to arrive at the weekly lesson with a practice sheet.
I will fill out the current practice sheet during the lesson.
Additional notes by the parent are encouraged!
I know that there will be weeks when reaching 5 days is impossible,
but I want everyone to try their hardest to make this their regular practice.
If a student is not able to practice one day, they should understand that the practice time
must be made up another day that week.

parental involvement:

There are music teachers who allow children to be dropped off for their lessons and
do not require parents to be closely involved with the weekly lesson material.
I believe that for some instruments, this is a tolerable approach.
However, in the first couple years of learning the violin, it is essential that the parent
(the one who will practice with the student at home) be at each lesson.
This needs to be continued at least throughout book II or III, until the student has
developed good technical skills, and is able to carry out the weekly assignments on his or her own.
Some children need continued supervision all the way through, while others are more
detail-oriented and able to carry out assignments independently.
You will have to determine how much supervision your child needs,
but if he is having difficulty returning to lessons each week with problems fixed,
you may need to give more attention to the daily practice.

lesson length:
Your level of skill on the violin will determine your lesson length.
Beginner (Book I – III)  will need a 30 minute lesson. $22
Intermediate (Book IV – V) will need a 45 minute lesson. $33
Advanced (Book VI +) will need an hour lesson. $44

summer lessons:

Study during the summer is crucial for students to continue their progress!
That said, the summer term is flexible. during June, July, and August we keep a more relaxed schedule,
but we do not ever suggest that you completely stop lessons for the summer.
We recommend that you keep up with two lessons a month, but you are welcome to take off
any weeks that you need for vacation, and pay per lesson throughout the summer.