Lesson Fee
The charge for each 30 minute lesson is $22.
For additional family members, the fee is $20.
Checks should be made out to Rachel Pitts.
You will find a container for checks on the piano.
If you need to pay with cash, please use an envelope and mark with your name.
• rescheduling:
Twenty-four hour notice is required for lesson cancellations.
If required notice is given, the missed lesson may be rescheduled
within that week if my schedule will allow.
If I am unable to reschedule or the student declines a make-up,
the missed lesson will still be included in the pre-paid monthly fee.

• holidays:
I will take off major holidays – details are included in the “semester details” email.

• weather:
In the case of inclement weather and school-declared snow days, I will teach via FaceTime or Facebook Video.