q:  why should my child start lessons at a young age?

  • To establish practice habits with child and parent before schedule becomes more busy.
  • Brains are wired to learn language from birth; this natural ability is at its height when children are young
  • A child has less inhibition and fewer expectations, which helps avoid frustration.  Parents are more willing to allow child to develop his/her own pace when children are younger.
  • Younger children are enthusiastic and eager to learn.  They like repetition, which is essential for learning an instrument.

*Having said that, if your child is older than the typical beginner, it is not too late!  What matters most is the child’s desire to learn the instrument, regardless of age.

q:  do you think my child has talent?

I think what you are concerned about is “will he or she succeed?” Every child can learn how to play!  If the right environment and ingredients are there, his or her ability to play the instrument and be a musician will grow.

q:  what if my child wants to quit? 

Your child may want to quit from time to time. This is normal. Music lessons can go through difficult stages at times. At these times, discontinuing lessons may seem to be the obvious solution. Children who are allowed to quit rarely return to lessons. Adults who quit too early as children often wish their parents had made them “stick with lessons.” We have never heard a parent say, “I’m glad my parents let me quit.” It is often those children who frequently take lessons as adults.

If the subject of quitting comes up, I recommend that you be the “decision maker.” A child is not capable of seeing ahead and realizing the value of a music education. As a parent you make all kinds of decisions that you know are best for your child/children.

q:  i can’t make it to my lesson – do i have to pay? 

The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why I have my students pay for every scheduled lesson:

  • Part of what your paying for is your time slot. I save that spot for you whether or not you make it.
  • There’s a good chance you’ll be more motivated to attend every lesson if you’re paying for it.
  • See pricing page for more details

q:  how can my child get the most out of his or her practice times at home? 

  • If possible, choose the same time and duration each day. Best before everyone is too tired! With younger children, you can try splitting the practice time into 2 equal sessions of 15 minutes – in the morning and afternoon.
  • Positive feedback is very important. Help your child through the ups and downs. Be cheerful and encouraging always. At the end of your practice session, make sure the last thing you do is fun.
  • Years of study. We know through years of experience that if a child stays with lessons for at least three years, he or she will have a foundation and appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. a priceless gift. the first year is fun. The second is more challenging. in the third year, interesting music is ready to be mastered.

 q:  how involved will i/should i be as a parent? 

The more involved in music lessons that you are, the more successful your child will be and feel.  Building a strong support system is important to your child’s learning process, and as a parent, you are a vital link in this support system.  A parent is required to be present at your child’s lessons and to help with daily practice sessions.

 q:  cancellations, makeup lessons and tuition: 

Payment can be made at the beginning of each month with either cash or check.  When you schedule lessons, you are purchasing a time slot each week that I cannot re-sell if you cancel the lesson.  I do not refund for cancelled lessons, but will teach over FaceTime or Facebook video if you are unable to come.  See pricing page for more details

 q:  do you stop teaching during the summer months?: 

During June, July, and August I keep a more relaxed schedule, but I do not ever suggest that you completely stop lessons for the summer.  Children fall behind quite a bit. Out of the 13 weeks weeks in these months, I recommend that you take at least 7. If you have questions about this, please talk with me before the summer begins.