choosing your instrument


  • First, check the sizing of your child to make sure you are looking for the correct instrument. See Sizing.
  • Secondly, the quality of the student’s instrument must be taken seriously. The equipment can make his or her journey come with ease or make every step a struggle. Please provide the best instrument you can afford for your child.  A new, good, student violin from a shop will be about $700. Renting to own is about $20 a month.
  • Sometimes you can find good second hand instruments for less, but it all depends on the tone of the instrument. The one great thing is, that if an instrument is kept in good condition, it does not depreciate!  A good, seasoned instrument will produce some of the prettiest tone.
  • Please do not buy any instruments without bringing them to me to listen to first (ie. don’t run to ebay or obscure websites!).
  • I have worked with various music stores through the years and have been very pleased with this shop. They have quality instruments, and are easy to do business with. If you wish to rent to own, or buy, this is the store I would like you to use.